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Wastewater Gardens International

Wastewater Gardens International aims to address the global challenges associated with wastewater management. The organization highlights two key issues: the contamination of drinking water supplies in poorer countries lacking sewage treatment, leading to disease and death, and the high cost and environmental impact of sewage treatment plants in wealthier countries.

The text emphasizes the negative consequences of sewage contamination, such as environmental degradation through eutrophication, which harms freshwater and marine organisms. To tackle these problems, Wastewater Gardens promotes the adoption of their solution as a means to recycle organic nutrients, reduce water resource demands, and combat greenhouse gas emissions. The gardens are described as carbon and nutrient sinks, contributing to mitigating climate change.

Wastewater Gardens International aims to empower people through research and training workshops. By involving local communities in the implementation and expansion of Wastewater Gardens, the organization reduces reliance on imported equipment, saves resources, and minimizes energy consumption. The gardens are depicted as transformative spaces that utilize human waste to generate flowers, fruits, and other usable products, while safeguarding human health and local ecosystems.

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Our team is internationally committed to spreading constructed wetland ecotechnology into the areas most in need: countries with little sanitation infrastructure, semi-desert/desert and tropical climates, ocean and/or waterways coastlines and lands where water conservation and reutilization is essential.

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Eden In Iraq Wastewater Garden project

Construction was begun on February 6th, 2023 for implementation of Phase 1 of the project. This phase will include a bridge to the project site, earth moving to created an initial treatment wetland with native Iraqi marsh vegetation of reeds. When this is ready, a pipe will be connected from the “switch plant” where sewage from houses in el Chibaish,…

Puerto Rico Wastewater Garden system

Puerto Rico Wastewater Garden system is thriving after 20 years of operation During December 2022, Dr. Mark Nelson visited and worked at the Las Casas de la Selva sustainablerainforest timber project near Patillas, Puerto Rico, a project to which the Institute of Ecotechnicsconsults. The Wastewater Garden system which was installed in 2002 with support from the Puerto Rican Department of…

Construction of Eden in Iraq begins

The Eden In Iraq Wastewater Garden Project [under the umbrella of the Institute of Ecotechics, a 501c3 entity and Nature Iraq NGO] is pleased to announce that construction has begun of its wastewater garden in the Mesopotamian marshes of southern Iraq. The Wastewater Garden Project is a humanitarian water remediation project, expressed through wastewater, garden design and environmental art, providing…

Eden in Iraq – News release

The success of the first phase of the recently completed Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden has inspired Iraq Minister of Water Resources Aun to immediately set in motion 8 more constructed wetlands throughout Iraq, working with our international team. The Eden In Iraq Wastewater Garden Project (under the umbrella of the Institute of Ecotechnics, a 501C3 entity and Nature Iraq…

Ojo de Agua in Jalisco

Ojo de Agua in Jalisco, Mexico to install Wastewater Gardens for its sewage treatment In November, 2022, the Sunrise Rotary Club of Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico signed an agreement with Wastewater Gardens International for the design of a Wastewater Gardens system to treat and reuse the wastewater from Ojo de Agua, a nearby village. The design is being done by Dr.…

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